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Sometimes you have to destroy something to build it back better.

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Ignoring your inbox has
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than you would think.

It costs around 4g of CO2 for an email to be sent, read, and stored over it's lifetime.[1]

Over 250,000,000,000 emails are sent every day, and a crazy 75% of these emails are never even read.[2][3]

Since the start of today this accounts for
of extra CO2. And that's just one single day.

We can't stop people sending useless emails, but at least we can stop receiving and storing them forever.

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How does it work?

In less than 5 minutes you could be looking at an empty inbox.


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What does it cost?

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Nuke Your Inbox

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How does work?

Connect your Gmail account (we're working on supporting other providers). Then we scan your mail and show you how many emails you have.

You get to choose what you want to do with your mail. We recommend to deleting all your emails and unsubscribing from everything else!

Can I move my mail instead of deleting it?

Yes! If you don't want to permanently delete your mail we will move it to a folder called recycle-bin, though deleting is better for the environment!

You can choose between permanently deleting or moving your mail to a folder when we have finished scanning your account.

Can I choose what I want to nuke?

Yes! We tell you how many emails you have, how many are unread, how many are old subscription emails, and how many are active subscriptions.

You can choose to nuke everything and start over or just some of it!

Can I choose specific emails to nuke?

You can choose all emails, unread emails, old subscriptions, or any of the above but we don't show you a list of emails to get rid of.

If you need more control we recommend using our other product Leave Me Alone.